Coaching Services

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Leadership COACHING
- Holistic "Black Belt" energy, focus + stress management
- Simplified + Practical Harvard & Other World Class Insights
- Latest Physiological + Nutritional body hacks
- Real Life leadership wisdom, models + tips
- High Performance Mindset + Management
- Practical Strategic Approaches
- Culture & Business Politics frameworks + hacks

- Holistic, pressure ready leadership approaches & strategies 

- In flow and in control 

A recharging one on one session face to face, phone or video chat for 45 - 60 minutes, for between 1 - 4 times per month depending on your needs. This provided you with moments to focus, assess and prepare for defining your upcoming leadership moments.

Drawing on the world's best resources and aggregators, such as Harvard Business Review, Daniel Goleman, John Kotter, Michael Porter, Simon Sinek and Dan Pink, Jamie has done the hard work for you. By refining their teachings, techniques and approaches into bite-size and practical business hacks, Jamie ensures you have top class sources embedded in your day to day methods.

Using robust psychological profiling tools, Jamie coaches you as a whole person and explores your values, priorities and core beliefs in order to ensure you are completely aligned both internally and externally.

Coaching Starts from $2,200 per month per candidate
Leadership COACHING
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Top talent either fall into high potential or high performer categories. Either way , they can be difficult to know how to attract, grow and retain. Coaching offers your top talent a tailored and focus professional development program that is superior to other forms of learning and development.

Consistently, coaching is cited by top performers as the edge they need to get to the next level of results, whilst high potentials refer to it as the support they need to achieve sustainable and persistent performance.

Coaching is an unparalleled method of retaining your top talent because each person is different, with different strengths, desires and goals. Jamie's coaching methodology gives your top talent a framework in order to map their own Professional and Personal Mastery Path.

Coaching Starts from $2,200 per month per High Performer or High Potential Talent
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Strategy Development
What is a Strategy? Most businesses believe it's a plan to deliver revenue, profit or success. Whilst this is broadly true, such definitions lack the detail and robustness to be of real and enduring value.

Jamie adopts the approach of Michael Porter, Harvard Business School, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates - Strategy is a plan to create a sustainable competitive advantage whilst preserving what is unique about the company.

Jamie can help your answer these questions:
What is your strategy?
Whom are you competitors and how are you uniquely different to them?
How do your profits compare to your competitors?
What are the top 5 industry trends that will most impact your business?
What are the top strategic objectives of your business over the the next 12 months?
How does your Leadership team align with your strategy?
How does your culture reinforce your competitive advantage?
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Culture Alignment
Culture Alignment
Edgar Schein famously defined a culture as a model with three levels - assumptions, stated values and artifacts. By using this model Jamie helps you deconstruct, develop and then define your culture so that it maps to your Leadership and Strategy.

Through regular workshops and coaching sessions, Jamie keeps you and your Leadership team focused on the critical triumvirate relationship of culture, strategy and leadership. When attempting to do this themselves, most businesses risk these sessions devolving into WIPS and operating conversations. Jamie offers you risk and reassurance that you will be able to harness your culture and direct it in order to boost your strategy, not destroy it.
Culture Alignment

Included benefits of using Jamie Bunn

More than just coaching, the process and methods he uses adds further value to your People & Business strategy...
Talent Profiling

The key to leading and managing yourself, your key talent or your prospective key hires is deep understanding. By utilising numerous profiling tools, Jamie forms a comprehensive three dimensional model of a person.

Talent ID

Using both your internal KPIs, OKRs or targets matched against Jamie’s Potentiality Score, you are able to succinctly identify and target your top talent. By deconstructing your workforce into talent levels Jamie is able to help you focus your Learning Development budget and impact.

Mastery Mapping

By delineating your Vision, Mission + Mastery Path you emotionally and rationally fully commit to your goals, targets & objectives. To begin this process Jamie has developed & sourced a specific combination of Profiling Tools for you to use.


Leadership & High Performance deeply relies on you knowing and working with your strengths