Coaching Application


Please read and agree to the following before proceeding further with your application.

If I commence with the coaching I acknowledge, agree and commit to the following:

  • I take on being coached voluntarily and under no duress
  • I will openly and honestly discuss my professional strengths, weaknesses, skill gaps, challenges and obstacles with the coach
  • I will actively participate in developing my professional and personal goals
  • I understand that the coaching process requires a significant learning and development commitment and I am willing to do the work required in the time frames agreed
  • I take responsibility for my own learning, actions and behaviour-change in the coaching process
  • I will maintain a record of the coaching conversations, the goals, the plans and the actions in a coaching journal, that I will maintain and bring to each coaching session
  • I am willing to take risks, experiment and try new strategies
  • I am prepared for some frustrations, mistakes and to be flexible
  • If I feel that the coaching is not achieving what I expect, I will be prepared to discuss this immediately and to state how I believe the coaching might alter course with the coach
  • I am prepared to participate in regular reviews of the coaching and to evaluate the outcomes according to goals developed with the coach
  • I will disclose to the coach if I am receiving psychological support from a health professional such as a psychologist, counsellor or doctor for any mental illnesses or instabilities.
  • I understand coaching sessions are confidential unless mutually agreed to otherwise
  • I understand that the confidentiality is ceased if the coach determines my behaviour and mindset to be potentially harmful or a significant threat to myself or others.
  • I understand that the confidentiality is ceased if the coach determines I will or have acted illegally

Coaching Application

  • Please complete the following questions to ascertain whether you are suitable for coaching within my framework and approach.
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