Coaching Services

Included benefits of using Jamie Bunn

More than just coaching, the process and methods he uses adds further value to your People & Business strategy...
Talent Profiling

The key to leading and managing yourself, your key talent or your prospective key hires is deep understanding. By utilising numerous profiling tools, Jamie forms a comprehensive three dimensional model of a person.

Talent ID

Using both your internal KPIs, OKRs or targets matched against Jamie’s Potentiality Score, you are able to succinctly identify and target your top talent. By deconstructing your workforce into talent levels Jamie is able to help you focus your Learning Development budget and impact.

Mastery Mapping

By delineating your Vision, Mission + Mastery Path you emotionally and rationally fully commit to your goals, targets & objectives. To begin this process Jamie has developed & sourced a specific combination of Profiling Tools for you to use.

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