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leadership coaching

Jamie has developed a holistic coaching and leadership framework that integrates and builds on world class resources, such as Harvard Business Review & TED. Each stage of knowledge acquisition and development fit across three broad concentric circles know as the "Vision Framework".


Top talent is hard to find, difficult to develop and almost impossible to keep. Most business' are left to fend for themselves and muddle their way through caring for their talent. Jamie can provide organisation's with a tried and tested talent identification methodology combined with tailored training and development pathways.

winning strategy

What is a Strategy? Jamie adopts the Michael Porter approach, as Bill Gates & Warren Buffet do, by defining strategy as a plan to create a sustainable competitive advantage. If it can be copied, then it's not a strategy, but rather an operational efficiency. Jamie has 20+ years experience defining and deconstructing his clients strategies to help enhance their potency.

culture flow + control

What is culture? Most leaders attempt to tackle this nebulous beast without first defining exactly what they are addressing. The first step in aligning your culture is using a model to define it, then deconstruct it and then rebuild it. Jamie has 20+ years experience helping leaders do just that.

What do Jamie's clients say?

Brian Vella

"Jamie has been my coach for more than a decade. He has helped steer me through rapid growth, public company acquisition, frequent M&As and all the chaos that comes that."

Brian Vella
MD, Asia-Pacific, AKQA
Cam Barrie, Founder & CEO

"Jamie has been a fantastic leadership coach, both to me and the other members of the senior leadership team at Bilue. He has had a significant impact on me personally and across the entire business."

Cam Barrie
Founder & CEO, Bilue
adrian farouk

“I, and all my leadership team, have used Jamie for more than 5 years as our coach. Jamie has rigorously kept us focused on leadership, strategy & culture as the key drivers of success."

Adrian Farouk
CEO, Digitas Australia
Sean Burke-Gaffney

"I have had a couple of executive coaches in the course of my career, but Jamie stands a cut above. Aside from his obvious competency, he is empathetic, energetic and a highly focused person. He is a living example of the guidance he provides...I cannot overstate the value that Jamie has provided to me in our time together."

Sean Burke-Gaffney
Head of Digital, PALO IT
Michelle Williams

"Jamie has been my coach for 14+ years and we've seen more than three CEO transitions in that time. I have greatly appreciated his coaching and support through the immense change and challenge of a public company."

Michelle Williams
People & Culture Director

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